Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Canada Goose vs Hawk

See the Goose parent's reflexes to protect the young ones. You could watch this video slower to see what happened.

Cat Takes a Huge Leap Into Owner's Arms

This amazing cat is a good jumper: See Cat Takes a Huge Leap Into Owner's Arms.

Cobra Chickens - Everything About Raising Geese

Take a look at people that have been raising geese on a farm for years. Learn about raising geese the right way.

Geese near Fast Food

Geese can walk on pavement. Primarily because a goose is a grazing animal and grazers walk as they graze. Their legs are positioned to their bodies farther forward than either duck or swan legs. They can, therefore, "walk and graze on dry land."

Geese are certainly grazing birds that eat a variety of different items. They eat roots, shoots, stems, seeds, and leaves of grass and grain, bulbs, and berries. They also eat insects and Canada Geese can submerge their heads in water to graze on aquatic plants.

Geese at lake near apartment buildings

Canada Geese spend about as much time on land as they do in water. Canada Geese like Shoreline Property. These birds like lake access. Habitat exists for a variety of wildlife at the lake.

Geese Relax at Lake

Geese are especially attracted to manicured lawns with lake access. They like to eat new grass shoots and prefer an unobstructed view. They also like easy access into and out of the lake.

Duck Drop on Queens Quay Toronto

A mother duck showing her ducklings how to jump in the water. Humans give a push for the birds to jump into the water.

30 Canada Geese Goslings - May 16, 2021

"50 Ducks In A Hot Tub" on Youtube has the funny goose video. Over 30 Canada Geese Goslings this year, it looks like 5 or 6 families have made the yard their home to raise their families. Looks like they are not too worried about humans.

Be careful about picking up a gosling. Goose parents might have a problem with it. Many Canada geese are here.