Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Funny Cat Terrorized by Popcorn

The cat, Sprinkles, is scared of popping corn. What a weird popcorn maker this is - West Bend "Stir Crazy."

Popcorn can either be good or bad for a person's health, depending on what goes into making it. On its own, without any added sugar or salt, popcorn makes a nutritious, healthful snack. Popcorn seems to contain plenty of nutrients and vitamins when people make it in the right way. Be careful about eating the hard popcorn bits - they could be hard to digest.

Parts of Popcorn do not digest. It is not clear if we gain benefits from the polyphenols in popcorn, as they are contained in the hull, which is insoluble fiber and not digested. There is a possibility the polyphenols pass through us unabsorbed. However, it is encouraging to know that popcorn is a whole-grain food and a really good source of fiber.

Be careful - popcorn could be a choking hazard. Crunching them can damage teeth. In severe cases, swallowing them can cause a mass collection in the intestinal tract, known as a "bezoar."

A "bezoar" is a solid mass of indigestible material that accumulates in your digestive tract, sometimes causing a blockage. Bezoars usually form in the stomach, sometimes in the small intestine or, rarely, the large intestine.

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