Thursday, March 24, 2022

Best Animal Fails of 2021 - Funny Animal Videos - Funniest Animals 2021

FailTime Channel on Youtube is pretty interesting.

FailTime has the new edition of Funny Animal Compilation !!!

TRY NOT TO LAUGH at these hilarious videos 2022

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FailTime is certainly here to bring you the best fail videos on the internet!

Drop the timestamp to your favorite clip in the comments section! Enjoy!

Skeleton of cat is interesting. Cats have seven cervical vertebrae (as do most mammals); 13 thoracic vertebrae (humans have 12); seven lumbar vertebrae (humans have five); three sacral vertebrae (as do most mammals, but humans have five); and a variable number of caudal vertebrae in the tail (humans have only vestigial caudal vertebrae, fused into an internal coccyx). The extra lumbar and thoracic vertebrae account for the cat's spinal mobility and flexibility. Attached to the spine are 13 ribs, the shoulder, and the pelvis. Unlike human arms, cat forelimbs are attached to the shoulder by free-floating clavicle bones which allow them to pass their body through any space into which they can amazingly fit their head.

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