Thursday, March 24, 2022

Cats Who DESTROY (A compilation)

Neko Watch Channel on Youtube is pretty good. See Cats Who DESTROY (A compilation). You could also find DOGS DESTROY. Don't worry, they purrobably weren't trying to be mean.

Thank meow all!

2:41 The fact that he managed to enter without crashing it is insane

It seems that dogs usually regret doing something bad when caught in the act, but cats they basically don’t care

3:44 Absolute perfection - the cat didn't even look back ONCE!

These videos make me appreciate how calm, and well behaved my cats are.

Whenever some people feel like adopting a cat, they watch these kind of videos to curb the impulse. Works every time!

The kitten swimming in the milk was adorable.

3:44 Cat literally doesn't care.

3:44 is just TOO brutal, man.

I wonder how many times pet owners (before video cams were in most homes) came home to find their house completely ransacked and thought they were burglarized due to one crazy cat?

0:08  - It's one small step for cat, one giant mess for mankind.

3:07 that cat literally drew the whole world map better than my map drawings  in elementary school.

The cats are just like "meh you're fine" and just don't care about how much pain the owners is in.

If you want to visit a kitten today to determine if you want to adopt him, maybe this isn’t the best video to be watching. :)

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