Thursday, March 24, 2022

BEST ANIMALS OF 2021 PT.2 - Funny Pet Videos

Funny Pet Videos on Youtube will excite you. Cat is scared and jumps out of box. Doggo slips through a gate just like a cat. Dog jumps and misses his target. Dog tries to chase cat but his fails on him and he falls over. Cat walks on window and gets caught by curtain string. All this and much more hilarious clips.

Cats are interesting funny animals, indeed. The English puss, extended as pussy and pussycat, is attested from the 16th century and may have been introduced from Dutch poes or from Low German puuskatte, related to Swedish kattepus, or Norwegian pus, pusekatt. Similar forms exist in Lithuanian pui ė and Irish puisín or puiscín. The etymology of this interesting word is unknown, but it may have simply arisen from a sound used to attract a so-called cat.

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