Friday, March 26, 2021

Funny New Year Decorations - Deer with Masks

Funny New Year Decorations - Deer with Masks are funny. This is a funny decoration with deer. They are wearing masks. So, possibly virus can come from deer to humans. There is a long list of possible animals that can pass the virus, as well. Be careful and happy new year.

Those funny animals are sure wearing masks. Nice.

Decorations remind us of masks rules.

Deer are browsers, and feed primarily on foliage of grasses, sedges, forbs, shrubs and trees, with additional consumption of lichens in northern latitudes during winter. They certainly have small, unspecialized stomachs by ruminant standards, and high nutrition requirements. Rather than eating and digesting vast quantities of low-grade fibrous food as, for example, sheep and cattle do, deer select easily nice digestible shoots, young leaves, fresh grasses, soft twigs, fruit, fungi, and lichens. The low-fibered food, after minimal fermentation and shredding, passes rapidly through the alimentary canal. The so-called deer require a large amount of minerals such as calcium and phosphate in order to support antler growth, and this further necessitates a useful nutrient-rich diet. There are, however, some reports of deer engaging in carnivorous activity, such as eating dead alewives along lakeshores or depredating the nests of northern bobwhites.

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