Friday, March 26, 2021

Raccoon walks in car traffic

Raccoon walks in car traffic in a pretty interesting way. Please, next time give him a piece of bread! The weird raccoon doesn't run from cars. Here it is the opposite. Raccoon comes to the car and in front of the car. Raccoon is not paying attention.

In many languages, the raccoon is named for its characteristic dousing behavior in conjunction with that language's term for bear, for example Waschbär ('wash-bear') in German, Vaskebjørn ('wash-bear') in Norwegian, Huan Xiong (浣熊 'wash-bear') in Chinese, dvivón róchetz (דביבון רוחץ 'washing-bear[dim]') in Hebrew, orsetto lavatore ('little washer bear') in Italian, and araiguma (洗熊 (あらいぐま) 'washing-bear') in Japanese. Alternatively, only the washing behavior might be referred to, as in Russian poloskun (полоскун, 'rinser').

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