Friday, March 26, 2021

Geese block cars at intersection

These Geese the block cars at intersection are pretty interesting. Drivers could try to wait until the geese pass through. These geese were just standing there and not moving. Humans had to run up to geese and scare them off. These geese didn't move as cars came closer to them.

Here are some tips to move geese:

1) Remove all birdfeeders and bird food from the area
2) Use a goose repellent or grass treatment
3) Use a DIY goose repellent
4) Prevent the geese from nesting

Geese think: "That our territory,  go away cars!! "

Yes, the birds have become stronger.

Nice to know that you guys could come here from Reddit, to comment on Youtube and watch the video.

The geese really collaborated well to block the road for humans here.

Bonus points for goose effort.

More meanings for ガチョウ (Gachō) (geese):
goosey ガチョウ
gulch ガチョウ
bean goose ガチョウ
goose-pimply ガチョウ
goose-neck ガチョウ, 雁首, 鎌首
geese ガチョウ

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