Friday, March 26, 2021

Geese at intersection near stop sign

Geese at intersection near stop sign is interesting. A goose effort, bonus points given. Stop sign and geese stop you, as well.

The 2 so-called living genera of true geese are: Anser, grey geese and white geese, such as the greylag goose and snow goose and Branta, black geese, such as the Canada goose.

2 genera of geese are only tentatively placed in the Anserinae; they may belong to the shelducks or form a subfamily on their own: Cereopsis, the Cape Barren goose, and Cnemiornis, the prehistoric New Zealand goose. Either these or, more probably, the goose-like coscoroba swan is the closest living relative of the true geese.

Fossils of true geese are hard to assign to genus; all that can be said is that their fossil record, particularly in North America, is dense and comprehensively documents many different species of true geese that have been around since about 10 million (long time ago) years ago in the Miocene. The aptly named Anser atavus (meaning "progenitor goose") from some 12 million years ago had even more plesiomorphies in common with so-called swans. In addition, some goose-like birds are known from subfossil remains found on the islands of Hawaiian Islands.

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